Ch-ch-ch-changes! News about me and the channel.

Y’all I have so much news, let me tell you. And it’s all objectively good or neutral, so that’s a delight!

Clickbaity title? Ehhhhhhhh if it works who am I to question it 😀


Behind the scenes

  • If you look closely, you’ll see a purple smear on my left cheek. That’s because I had a PB&J sandwich for dinner and it was delicious, but didn’t think to check my face before shooting. 
  • This is only my 2nd unscripted public video, but my THIRD unscripted video total! I like the pace of the video, but one of the reasons I script my videos is that I have a disability that flares up when I caption videos because (blessing/curse) I type at a sustained 96 words per minute.