Paywall: The Business of Scholarship (annotated + commentary)

(Note: this was screened on October 29th. To view the running chat, click here view this video at YouTube itself.)

Hey everyone! This movie came out last month and I loved it a lot because it gives some important details on why paywalls exist, and what some of the alternatives to them are! AND SINCE YOUTUBE PREMIERES IS NOW A THING, I wanted to give folks a chance to ask questions and get them answered! So I added some annotations to make it more understandable for laypeople, as well as contact info for EVERY.SINGLE.INTERVIEWEE so you can ask them questions, too.

I’ve invited some guests to join us for the screening of this movie, and if you have questions but can’t make it, no worries! Just tweet your questions to me — @StacksEtFacts with the hashtag #PaywallTheMovie, and I’ll pass them to the experts for you to answer on Monday.