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Why are most librarians women?

At over 80% of the profession being women, librarianship is one of the most gendered professions. Why is that? Sources ALA Dem

Yes, libraries have e-Books! But it’s, uh, complicated.

I love e-books! I’d check them out from my local library more often if I could, but it seems like there’s always a

Amazon has No Business Replacing Public Libraries

I never thought I’d have to make a video called “Should Amazon Replace Libraries?” But then a certain poorly

Out On The Shelves: UBC’s LGBT2QIA+ Library

Shout out to Kiko, the volunteer who was willing to talk about their experience with Out on the Shelves! I have a library card

A YouTuber’s Concise Guide to Libraries

You don’t have to be a YouTuber for this video to be useful to you, but if you ARE one, set down everything and watch th

How Do You Describe a Book?

You shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover, but what about by its metadata? This week we tackle the topic of describ

Metadata for Good and Evil

What is metadata, why does it matter, and what can we do with it? Time to develop a new superpower! Please, just use it for go

Let’s Talk Sex (Education), with Lindsey Doe

In this go-round, we talk to Lindsey Doe about how people go looking for information, when that information happens to be sex.

Buffy, Giles, and Dewey: Classification Explained

When it comes to slaying demons and protecting mankind from the forces of evil, what kind of STAKE does the library have in it

What is Library & Information Science?

Okay, but what IS Library and Information Science? A brief history and introduction. See below for recommended reading. SPECIA